When I Feel Overwhelmed

At times I can reach a point of overwhelm.  A large part of my daily “job” involves interacting on social media, and another involves reading the latest news in my industry.  Both have some challenges.

I grow weary on social media at either building relationships with relatively new people, and become downright exhausted at filtering all the noise my “friends” are sharing.

With friends, I like the occasional reshare of an image, or quote that inspired them.  However, when they rely solely upon that, I have little idea what is actually happening in their lives and feel that they have no interest in mine.  They are just slipping into the noise of life that I need a lot less of.  It carries over into the real world.  If a friend only handles their online presence by putting out non-original content, in real life I just don’t try to connect but wait for them to indicate they want to talk.

While I don’t want people revealing their most intimate details all over social media, I also don’t want them being little more than an echo of another.  Show me the real you.

I have made a deliberate effort at showing up in social media with the intent to connect.  I filter out all the nonsense easily from my computer, but am always telling Facebook on mobile to stop showing me whatever “funny” image you reshared from that other page.  I only really want to see things about you.

As for tech news… it’s a slow season of change.  I grow tired of keeping up.  The reality here is that I need to consume less information unless I am intentionally applying it and/or synthesizing that information for my clients.

I’ve been quiet here, and any other online place I frequent.  Perhaps it’s a good thing for a while longer, or perhaps I should just get busy sorting out only the most important things for others to know about me, or know in the news that matters to them.

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