Changing Yet Remaining the Same

Change is in the air.  It isn’t as drastic as moving, or changing jobs.  It is less obvious.  The internal shift is happening again.

Nearly a decade ago my world was flipped around when I attended a few personal development workshops facilitated by Klemmer & Associates.  I was confronted with aspects of being personally responsible, as well as taking on more commitments.  I questioned if I could reach for my dreams, and vowed that week to go for a few of them.  In that time, I have become complacent.  I aim for the dreams, but am weary of repeated setbacks and distractions to make ends meet.

Today, I am committing to play full out, all in, and to make an impact.  I am more experienced but I am still just as passionate about the dreams that have yet to be fulfilled.   I have played life with apathy, but now is the time for change.

God is calling me to mature beyond this place. It’s time to get moving.

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