Aly and Babies

Talk about the body in action with all things in common….today I had the honor of spending my time waiting for Thijs with Dax & Aly. In the middle of all that, Autumn brought us lunch. Take out soup was precisely the thing needed in the moment.

Afterward Aly asked me about my babies today. I told her we want them soon but they aren’t here yet. She said that I already have babies and again asked about where they were. She saw my sadness and asked me more questions. I told her about losing both of our babies & surgery that should help fix the problem. She understood. She told me she saw I was sad because I didn’t get to deliver my babies that were in my belly. And she had us pray on the spot for when God would bring them to us again. She prayed for out healing too. Not later. Now we pray. And Dax insisted on giving me the biggest silliest hug.

Then when she saw me using my inhalers and taking my Rx pill, she directed Dax how to pray at that moment. The kids have wrecked me. So good.

From the time she woke up at 5am until she left to meet her brother, she kept saying “I love you” to me.

Her fashion statement today is entirely awesome.

I jumped in to help her parents but in the end in had the honor of Aly ministering to me.



Courtney Robertson

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