Whether you feel a part of the group or not is entirely your choice. No longer do we wait for others to make us feel accepted. We receive the invitation to bring all of who we are and be present in the moment. We start by accepting the identity of God in us, and by honoring that in each other.

You decide which experience you will have.

Will you wait to find your acceptance among others, or will you begin by accepting who you are (not just what you can do) and accepting others?

For years I hid in plain sight. I was waiting for others to accept me, want me… seek me out. I wanted to feel accepted… but all along I was hiding from people seeing and knowing what was underneath what I portrayed. I didn’t find acceptance in the way I sought it.

Instead… I chose to start accepting who God says I am, and accepting others into my space. I started accepting and seeking out others… and I’m changed to all else.

You are not the victim to your circumstances. You can make the change. You decide.

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Courtney Robertson

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