A Sigh of Relief

Sharing the big news about Baby Robertson’s anticipated arrival was a huge leap of faith.  Having endured 2 miscarriages where the babies stopped growing at 6.5 weeks, announcing a healthy dot at 7w1d was no small thing.  In my head, thoughts lingered that both babies actually grew beyond 6.5w and began to shrink.  What if that 7w1d baby did the same thing?

I left that appointment happy by choice.  It was a choice to believe that this baby would live to be strong and healthy.  It was a choice to announce the baby and request friends pray with us through the next few weeks.  It was a choice to not worry or doubt our future.

My doctor wasn’t able to attend that ultrasound. I left there to wait for her to follow-up with us and let us know when our next appointment would be.  She never did.  That was really frustrating.  I emailed my nurse and asked about the schedule.  She assumed I’d already been discharged back to my local doctors.  Nope.  I had no directions offered to me.  So, 1 more appointment with my fertility doc.

Then Friday, February 20th, I had my final appointment.  We saw this:

Never before have we seen more than a blinking dot.  I sent the video to Matt, and it took him a while to figure out what was happening, and then he thought the baby was huge.  Not quite, the ultrasound is just zoomed in quite close.  This happy waving kid is still about the size of a grape.

I feel at the moment that tiny arm waved, Baby was saying “Hi Mom.  I’m here.  You can relax now.”

And wow have I.  I haven’t had many symptoms for the past few weeks other than sheer exhaustion.  I hear that’s common in the first trimester, and can look forward to the next 3 weeks passing by.  Not only will the start of the 2nd trimester be great, but it will line up nicely with the start of Spring!  I need the warm sunlight and fresh air to bring in that new energy.

The countdown is on. 6.5 months to go before holding this kid in my arms.  Until then, we have successfully moved beyond it being a choice to have hope.


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