Ups and Downs

Today has been a chaotic day.

The good: Asher’s bilirubin count (jaundice) is very much lowering. The doctor thinks after tomorrow morning’s blood test that he will be ready to have his lights off. They will then test again a day after that to confirm that they have stayed down.

The hard part 1: my incision has been opening a bit. As I am technically discharged, the choice to wait until my appointment off campus at the doctors office is a tricky one. I am no longer a patient at the hospital.

The hard part 2: we had to use all our time between feedings today to coordinate with insurance about all sorts of stuff like getting Asher’s birth certificate sent home in time for Matt’s insurance company/work deadline, contacting a liaison that provides free phone consult for a year, etc.

The hard part 3: we had to pack up our room in maternity – okay Matt had to do it as I was feeling rough – and relocate to a room that the staff doesn’t like to give actual patients because the layout is complicated. There’s not much fridge space and we are aiming to not buy meals constantly, the shower head that moves is broken, the toilet lacks arm support on the one side, etc. Matt’s bed in this room is super tiny and little better than the floor. We are now double the distance from the NICU and have a thin door separating us from the sounds of people entering the dad nook for treats.

The hard part 4: the NICU room itself felt chaotic this afternoon. The machines were beeping loudly often, babies were extra loud compared to other days, and overall the place was just too high energy for such littles that need calm space.

I am thankful for a bed in the building, Asher’s progress, and a few friends that have so kindly brought us meals, groceries, laundry, etc. I was able to shower and use the potty all by myself for the first time in over a week. (I’m a big girl now!)

Ups and downs. Asher is a champ, and getting so strong. His double diapers every 3 hrs we take as a sign his body is passing all the bilirubin jaundice junk. He has been so hungry.

We are getting close to discharge. We are nearly there. It will all be worth it.

Time to rest again before we are due back for the next feeding.


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