More Tummy Time Than Me

Today has been better than yesterday. Asher’s bilirubin levels came back low enough to turn the lights off. His next goal is to fatten up. The lights helped him push all that jaundice junk out, so he was diapering twice what he had been. Now we need to get some weight back on. At one feeding Asher demanded double the food.

We have been better rested and more calm through the day. This is huge for Matt and me. The last few logistics items include sorting out a preemie safe car seat and newborn cpr class (tonight). We had time today to rest between our feedings.

The one thing no one can really tell us is if we are looking at discharge in a day or two, or if we should be nudging along the potential transfer back to Chambersburg. Both situations would be helpful for our family. Hanging out in limbo waiting for a few results to determine the ETA of either option is hard. I hope I haven’t made things awkward or feeling pushy with our neonatologist and Asher’s nurse but having no reference for either discharge or transfer is emotionally very hard for us.

My incision is feeling better today. I had a qualified medical friend examine it. It “dried” well and as its in a fancy new battery operated vacuum sealed dressing has almost no chance to get infected.

Meanwhile, I’m getting jealous that Asher has had more tummy time today than I have had in half a year.


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