Are We There Yet?

Today’s goals:

#1 get my pico vacuum bandage evaluated and likely removed by the OB that performed the c section.

This will be my first time outside of the hospital in 2 weeks. It’s a short trip 5 min away but first outside air in weeks.

It was more wet than expected for sure but the OB says it was just some build up and looks healthy. Instructed how to bandage it up myself later.

#2 talk to neonatologist about which path we are pursuing – home soon or NICU transfer.

If all goes well he will be out of isolet box in 1.5 days based on lowering his supported temps to just be his own body heat. Then 2 days of sustaining it in a crib while gaining weight. That looks like a Monday afternoon possible discharge. Having a timeframe really helps. And for that timeframe transfer isn’t really our priority.

#3 get car seat for 4lb baby ready and possibly tested.

Asher is again gaining weight. His bili levels slightly increased but still well within the normal safe zone. His goal is to eat and eat and eat. They are backing down on the temps in his isolet box to see how well he holds his own body temp.

We all could use a nap, and are getting rather homesick. Time to head out for my doctor appointment.


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