So Close

10pm update: Asher gained half an ounce since yesterday! That is a great achievement for him when combined with no assistive heat. Doctors don’t care so much about a weight amount but an overall consistent increase.

Daily update:

We had a very encouraging report on doctor’s rounds today. Tonight Asher will likely get to start his 2 day trial outside of the isolet box to see that he holds his own body temp. They’ve already turned off his assisted heat inside the box but need to give him a trial run in a bassinet.
If all goes well, Monday might still be our go home day!

Despite our existing car seat being within safe expiration range, it was considered too old for going home and also was not safe for the 4lb+ range. So, we were given a voucher for an organization that assisted us with a basic but regulation safe seat for just $35! We will later update the infant seat that we have to go with our stroller system.

My incision wound is still a bit more moist than we’d like but is otherwise okay. We are treating it ourselves and have an appointment on Thursday both here in York and at home to examine it again later. We will cancel whichever one we need to. I can move around better at least since removing the vacuum sealed pico dressing. We are working to give the wound some air but do need it covered when I’m not lying down in my room (I spend most of my time feeding and getting to/from NICU).

We were treated with delicious food delivered to our room from Crimson American Grill tonight.

We have submitted everything we can before discharge, made the plans for the last few vaccines, circumcision, etc that need to be done. I feel the one thing that NICU has as an advantage is an extended opportunity to ask questions of the lactation counselor and the occupational (massage) therapist. Both of them have been great at coaching us, and Asher has been super awesome about nursing.

We are all sleepy. In addition to normal pregnancy adjustments, the added endurance marathon of the NICU back and forth flow is even more intense. Matt is doing so well caring for Asher and me but wow…its just a lot to do.

The last real goal is to see an upward trend in Asher’s weight. He gained 1.5oz overnight and seems to be super hungry this afternoon. Here’s to his next weigh in tomorrow morning.

We are so close!


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