Rooming In the Hospitality Suite

We have had our room transferred again this time we are much closer to NICU but on a day to day basis. We could find out by 7pm each day if we get to stay the night or not.

The room room is much nicer than most hotel rooms even. However, I can’t figure out yet how to get in and out of the bed without using my abs. If I use ab muscles, I usually rip open whatever incision area that needs to heal yet. So – nicer but with a trade off.

Asher has been moved out of the isolet the box into a bassinet. That means he is on the countdown. When he has surpassed 48hrs in a bassinet without assistive heat and continues to gain weight, we get to leave! Praying Monday is it.

While bringing us here was for my benefit primarily, I now believe home to be a better choice for my care. We will take however long Asher needs, but I know I really need less shuffling about until the wound stays sealed and dry.

In Daddy's Hands

In Daddy’s Hands


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