One More Night

Asher did so well today. He gained a ounce (that’s a huge deal) and kept his body heat. He was groggy after his circumcision, but wasn’t fussy at all. He woke up and was super hungry too. We are in track for discharge and making time to say our thank you’s and goodbyes to our nurses. We will get a final official release tomorrow afternoon.

I was gifted one more nights stay in the hospitality suite tonight. This is such a blessing to be able to get over to him at almost every feeding. My wound is still weepy but I am not in much pain while walking today. I also picked stuff up off the floor 3 times. Sadly, I heard no applause over such a huge accomplishment.

Matt went home for the night to gather a few things and get one night of sleep in our bed for the first time in 2.5 weeks. Plus, the cat needs his cuddles.

I am rather emotional tonight. Thankful we have made it this far, that we don’t have many complications, and adjusting to Matt not being constantly with me. Perhaps I am processing all we have been through finally.

Time for a nap before midnight feeding. The next 18 hours are welcome to race by.


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