2 Days Home

2 days of being home. It’s so much easier to get some sleep here. And contrary to most ideas about post c sections, I actually find myself able to rest more here. Maneuvering around in a hospital and racing back and forth to NICU is no small thing.

I am grateful for the family and friends dropping off food and preemie clothes.

My incision is still weepy. Had my doc look at it yesterday. Not infected but a pocket of fluid sits behind the wound. She showed us how to use surgical tape to hold things in place and sent me home with an antibiotic. Follow up next Tuesday.

Asher has quite a few appointments tomorrow. 6:30am we go for a blood lab to check up on his bilirubin levels. 9:20 we have his pediatrician appointment and immediately after see the lactation consultant. Thankfully all that is less than 15 min from home.

That said, this is no normal c section recovery or life adjustment with a newborn. My incision is healing very slowly and abnormally. Asher is 6 weeks early and not fully ready for normal baby life sustaining tasks. He needs every calorie to go toward life functions and weight gain. He should basically behave as much like he is still in the womb as possible but must take on tasks much in advance of the expected time – like breathing, eating, and diapering. None of this is supposed to be happening for another 5 weeks yet.

I am fully confident that we will all be fine. But I am also highly aware that we must take things slowly and focus on healing.

Pray tomorrow morning goes smoothly. That amount of going places will wear us out and I am hopeful we can manage to get home for feeding between things.


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