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Jaundice and Nursing

Today’s achievement is successfully feeding several times without the bottle. We learned about infant massage as well. His skin rash has cleared up.

Asher does have a slightly elevated bilirubin count and is moving into an isolet box that will keep his lights on to treat jaundice. Again, a very normal preemie condition.

My new blood pressure meds are working almost too well. I have been on the rather low end of the range and am moving slowly. However, my pain level is well under control and I can reach my toes at least while sitting.

Later this evening we hope to finally get to do our first bath for Asher.

Hanging out in York NICU

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Our schedule the past 2 days involved lots of cuddle time in NICU. We go in every 3 hours for feedings, diaper changes, etc. While our room is a mere 100 yards away, the hallway journey is long. After each session we make it back to the room in time for food, shower, etc and turn back within about an hour.

Asher’s update: He needed some help staying warm and may need some billi photo light therapy for jaundice. All totally normal for premies, as is the fast fading skin rash.

His IV is coming out tonight. He is bottle feeding well and done with formula.

Overall he is doing amazingly well given his early entrance. We need his own ability to sustain body temp, jaundice, and his nursing skills to improve as markers for discharge for him. That may be only days away.

My update: recovering well. Slight tinges of pain as to be expected. Mildly elevated blood pressure as all the swelling starts to work its way out of my system. Most likely to be discharged tomorrow.

Great news is that we are secured for a few days to stay in the hospital with just linen service. Given our routine, getting out of the building for laundry or outside grocery type things is hard. I’m not yet super functional without my patient, kind, and highly empathetic husband. We are 90 min from home. I am so thankful for the place here to stay near our little man, for the fridge stocked with some easy to grab food from family and friends, and for the staff who has gone well beyond their requirements to care for all of us.

We are all doing well and headed for total health. It’s been quite a journey so far. I have no wishes to rush things for any of us, but am hopeful that we can all head home soon.

K-Care with Mommy

Asher’s update: thus far he has only needed support for maintaining body temp and his sugar levels. This is common among 6 week premies and he is expected to outgrow it soon.

My blood pressure has stayed in a good range since delivery. I’ve made it over to NICU once to hold my son. On our way back shortly for Matt’s turn.

Asher is the best at cuddling.

Mommy's k-care
Mommy’s k-care time – it was so hard to stay awake while snuggling.

Asher Arrives

7:00AM – Awake and being prepared to meet our son. Keep him in prayer. 34 weeks is 6 weeks early for delivery. His signs all look good but we won’t know much more until he is out.

9:10AM –

Meet Asher Noah Robertson
Born 9:10 July 13 2016
4 lbs 12.7 ounces
18 1/2 inches

He is in wonderful condition. Courtney is resting and doing great.
We are truly happy with our abundance of life and our promise of hope.


Asher Noah Robertson
Asher Noah Robertson
Born 9:10 July 13 2016
4 lbs 12.7 ounces
18 1/2 inches
Kagaroo care is top priority for NICU babies
Daddy doing k-care. Kagaroo care is top priority for NICU babies. Skin-to-skin contact does wonders for bonding, warmth, and heart rates.


12 Hours

I’ve felt better today than the past few days. C section will likely happen tomorrow earlier in the morning thanks to the fantastic labor & delivery staff.

We spoke to NICU in the hopes that we can transfer little man to Chambersburg when he is stable and I am discharged. They are hoping for that as long as Chambersburg had room, if needed. This would be so much better for us.

Now we wait. Within 12 hours they will start preparing us for delivery.

Planning for Delivery

Tentatively planned a c section for Wednesday afternoon. Little man looks good except that he is sitting in breach.

My bp is controlled but wants to creep up. For now we have it down. Waiting game now until delivery, and expecting a stay here for a few days extra afterward.

My sleep is a mess as the have to keep poking and prodding me.

Stay or Go

Blood pressure has looked relatively boring thankfully. Doctors now think we might be able to keep the kid in until 37 weeks (33.3 today) but aren’t sure yet if that means I stay here, Chambersburg hospital, or home with what would now be 4+ visits weekly to the doctors for observations.

We hope to keep him in longer.

I will get to eat light food later today.

Here until Monday at least.

On magnesium sulfate which leaves me super sleepy and crazy hot in the face. That stays in until tomorrow. Then we have to watch how stabile I remain when it comes out.

Nap time!

No Stress Test is Very Stressful

My blood pressure was crazy high this morning during our no-stress test (that was suddenly very stressful). I was transferred to Wellspan York maternal fetal medicine for observation.

I am not in labor at all.

It is unclear if I’ll be discharged before delivery. The soonest they’d want to see a baby is 34 weeks, and I’m 33 & 2days.

I am thankful for a few nearby friends that I called in to see me. No visitors needed at this time but I’ll be sure to ask when we want some.

We don’t have further details yet but will share as it becomes available.