Back Seized

So thankful for the meals delivered and the crew of guys that came over last night to help Matt with yard work. Really it has meant so much to us. In just a few hours they got us mostly caught up.

My back seized up yesterday while I was changing Asher. It was meant to be my first day home (again) with him. I called my mom in tears of pain and frustration that I can’t hold my son. I think the pain of my wound has kept me too still in a recliner and now my core and back muscles are complaining about the month of laying the same way too long.

Having a 6 week early baby means we never got time to make ahead freezer meals and certainly weren’t planning on neglecting the garden for 2 months. We really hadn’t even organized all the stuff for the baby. We expected about 2 weeks of down time as most c sections go, and that to happen maybe a week before Asher’s due date.

This is a slow and long road for my recovery…but still so very worth it.


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