Monthly Archives: September 2016

Discharged from PostPartum

Today’s news: I am finally done with my postpartum exams. My blood pressure was ruled as pregnancy induced only due to edema (water retention) and I’m almost done weaning off the meds!

Last hurdle for me is to finish the rehab on my back. That could take a while yet to get everything lined up and holding before I can back down from 3x a week on that.

Asher has an ultrasound on his heart tomorrow. Likely nothing to report but good to check over a possible murmur. He hasn’t gotten the best sleep the past 2 days. 3:30am is never a good time to wake up for the day.

10 Appointments

10. Our family has 10 doctor appointments this week. 8 of which are for me. This recovery process needs to end so I can get anything else in life done. Got in with the dermatologist tomorrow morning for the mystery rash since they had a cancellation.

Wound clinic did not discharge me. Instead, my wound was chemically cauterized to stop the overgrowth of deep tissue and promote the skin healing shut. I go back next week for what is left of this incision.

Asher has spit up a lot today. 4 outfits and counting. He has slept longer than 10 minutes only while I was at the doctor. I’ve gotten 15 min of work done and bailed on attending a wedding dress fitting this evening. 😫 His colic is improving slightly at night. It only takes 1 hr instead of 2 to get back to sleep. I have had about 5 hrs each night all broken up.

Now to work and figure out once again how to make supper. We’ve been blessed with meals since getting home. That has concluded.

This season will pass. I hope we all get healthy in time to enjoy any of the newborn phase.

Wound Still Open

My wound is still open 1″. It seems to be holding steady there. I was really hoping to be discharged tomorrow from wound care but expect it’ll be a week.

I still have 3 chiropractor appointments weekly to get my back rehabbed but that shows much improvement.

A small skin irritation has turned into a full rash all over my arms and legs. I haven’t been outside or in weirder places than doctor offices in MONTHS. I haven’t changed any skin products. In 10 days the dermatologist will contact me to let me know when they can see me. It’s a mystery.

My blood pressure is down enough to start weaning off the meds (that I suspect are causing the rash as it is listed as a side effect). It’ll be a few weeks to get off.

Asher is trying out sleeping on an incline with bumpers to keep him from sliding per pediatricians recommendation and a friend’s help implementing. I’m hoping we all sleep better and that this colic passes fast!

Matt will be getting new glasses in a few weeks.

We all need sleep. And less doctor appointments.

I feel I’ve finally arrived at adulthood. Tonight Matthew¬†gave me the most wonderful gift: sleep! I climbed in bed at 8pm on a Friday night without a worry of our colicky son for 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep. It was grand.

It is also now 1am and Asher is awake. Here’s hoping for more sleep yet tonight.


Lots of progress today. I returned my wound vac by mailing it back. I’ve got about 2 more weeks of the fancy bandage but I hardly feel it.

Asher took his first stroller ride for a non-medical appointment. He was overly excited just before this but managed to sleep through his ride.

Flailing Arms

Asher still has the preemie flailing arms thing happening. He’ll outgrow it in a few more weeks. He’s also taken to yelping for cuddles often.

I’m doing considerably better with the fancy bandage tape vs the wound vac. Changing the transfer tape isn’t painful at all. I can walk about without feeling the wound much at all. I am retraining my back muscles and working on posture.

Wound Vac Removed

Hooray! My wound vac came off yesterday. I can now stand normally while walking and don’t have the purse and tube to tote around all the time. It’s freeing.

I go back in a week to be sure I don’t need that all put back on. In the meantime I have a fancy top wound dressing we can put on me ourselves.

I have to start slowly. I’ve been on bedrest since July 8, nearly 2 months ago. I want to move about quickly but know I can’t risk this reversing. So laps around my back yard for today, starting to lift Asher out of his crib, and light housework.

Finally I feel my own recovery is progressing. I hope to be able to start working again soon and even driving. Showers must wait until the wound is entirely shut.