Early Intervention

Asher was examined by Early Intervention today. We knew he was a bit behind in some areas developmentally and have plans for occupational and physical therapy to start shortly. Goals include:
*not crying hysterically during diaper changes, baths, car rides, and on the way to bed
*tolerating independent tummy time (he constantly wants to he held)
*tolerating touching his skin (he hates it unless it is kangaroo care cuddles)
*playing with toys
*holding his head up while being held vertically
*eye tracking

None of these normal baby things have happened for us yet. He is handsome and physically well, but in many other cognitive areas he needs some support – as do we. Seeing some of these improvements will definitely help us rest and give us more patience in the hours of scream sessions at night.

In better news, the cardiologist ruled that Asher’s heart ultrasound showed very normal results. No murmur or other issues.


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