Monthly Archives: January 2017

Asher 6mo 

Today he got an xray of his hips. He sat in breech in-utero. Today was the all clear to stop monitoring that. 

He prefers learning how to walk over rolling over. His therapists aren’t amused with this. 
Asher has grown 7″ and quadrupled his weight since birth. He now makes the growth charts for babies his age. 

Asher is very social. He loves to jabber to new people. 

He doesn’t like to get confined to his car seat anywhere. As soon as we arrive he wants out. 

With so much exercise for physical therapy, Asher is used to interacting with people when he is awake. He has a hard time chilling in the same room with others. He wants to do things together. 

2-5 pm most days is exceptionally cranky. Lately he’s taken cat naps but is still sleeping through the night. The days though have felt like colic again. 

His 6mo wellness checkup showed he is a strong healthy little man. 

Asher loves playing with his daddy. 

0-6 Months

Hard to believe how far Asher has come in 6 months!
He’s almost 16lbs (vs 4lb)
He’s working on several teeth at once.
His goals now are:
*Choose to roll from back to belly
*Sit up unassisted either in a chair with support or on the floor.
*Get a consistent nap routine in the day
*Be self amused for more than 4 min a day.
*Calmly put on clothes after bathtime.
*Avoid challenges to the immune system until April (rsv is scary stuff for babies for as early as he was)
It’s still hard to believe we have a healthy baby boy!