Asher is 11 Months Old

*Asher is a pro at speed crawling and has started working to pull to stand
*He finally aims the food in his hands and even takes a bite
*Nearly 23lbs
*Loves swimming and playing with a beach ball
*Finally down to 2 naps per day

Goals include:
*Standing independently
*Saying dada and mama
*Being okay in a play yard with toys while we work nearby (not needing constant attention)
*Nap when not at home or in carseat
*Introduce more food textures
*Tolerate getting dressed or diaper changes without so many tears or trying to crawl off the changing table

I expect his next early intervention evaluation will decrease PT & OT to every other week. We have a peds neuro follow up just before the first birthday.

We start swim lessons for him in 2 days.

Photo is a bit blurry because if he is awake he is in constant motion. 


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