Asher’s First Birthday

1 year old! Not a chance of getting him to pose like the other monthly pics. 🤣

Asher continues to grow. He is in the 99th percentile on height, beating all expectations for a 34w preemie.

He says lots of things, but no syllables yet. While not a huge deal, in order for early intervention to wrap up services by October, we need to hear some soon. They are still monitoring him, and he is nearly done with physical and occupational therapy. I’d like to phase out before baby brother arrives and not swap our services for speech. I don’t think he is really delayed here and hope they agreed.

*He loves climbing the couch and wrestling on the bed
*He is almost walking and plays standing up often. He needs to work on dismounting the couch safely.
*He is almost done with formula and getting better with his cups
*Loves all sorts of fruit and nibbles of bread. Working on thicker chunky food
*Is happiest when swimming
*Recognizes words like mama and Dada plus his favorite cuddle toy, Puppy (security blanket)
*Enjoys Daniel Tiger
*Occasionally bites when excited
*Squeal/laughs a lot and makes everyone else happy
*Hates getting dressed or diaper changes
*Working on his 9th tooth.


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