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Shiloh in the NICU

The day after delivery Shiloh had to be admitted to the Chambersburg NICU for low sugar levels and struggling too much to breathe. He spent 2 nights there and has fully recovered. Tonight he stays in my room again and we should be going home tomorrow. While these are concerning things, it is still much…

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39w nesting update

The house is cleaned, laundry done, the last groceries are stocked up as if I were expecting a snow storm, and when Asher naps, I’m baking lactation cookies and brownies. Maybe I’ll also make a treat for Matt. Matt is off work for the next 2 weeks. I am relieved because I hate bending over…

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38.5w update

1 week to go. By next Tuesday or Wednesday, we’ll be holding our little man. Right now he hasn’t dropped low enough for them to induce me, and they really don’t want me going late. So – we have a c-section on the schedule, but the OR is a bit crowded Tuesday. It’s a wait…

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