Asher is 18 months old

Asher is 18mo today!

He loves to color, talk, and speed read his books.

His favorite show is Daniel Tiger

He loves giraffes. He points at them on the curtains, wall decal, sheets, and even in the picture in his book of wallpaper with giraffes on it. He was in phased watching the tiger hunt a giraffe on Planet Earth 2 last week.

Asher loves when people visit him. He loves people in general and is always wanting to check on Shiloh. It won’t be long until they are playing together.

Asher no longer walks; he runs everywhere.

He is a huge fan of daddy these days and wants to be held by him often.

Asher prefers to feed himself. However, with 8 molars all coming in together, he has many emotions during suppertime.

It is crazy to compare his teddy from month 1 being his size almost to looking so small now.


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