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Christmas Tree

🎄 Christmas tree aquired 🎄 Daddy cut it down and Asher helped. Telling a toddler we are not hurting the tree but will take it home to bring inside made 0️⃣ sense but Asher liked that it was on top of the car.  We decorated the tree, hung stockings, and set up several nativity sets during their nap.

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Go Shiloh

Go Shiloh! At 13.5mo, he did not cry when I put him down for the night. This is a first. It’s so much easier to close the nursery door with a happy baby.

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Snoozy Shiloh

I am making turkey soup and Shiloh demanded to be held. I seldom wear him while we are home these days, but this week he has been extra cuddly. I’ll take it. My baby is now entering toddlerhood and these days are passing by so quickly. Snoozy Shiloh started snoring at me.

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