Today’s Color is Yellow

By Courtney Robertson | January 14, 2019

Sledding Brothers

By Courtney Robertson | January 13, 2019

6 New Teeth

By Courtney Robertson | January 6, 2019

Shiloh is working on molars and canines. He has a total of 6 teeth coming through and I suspect those top canines are going to also join in soon. 😬 At least it explains his mood changes in the past few weeks.

Calling Daddy

By Courtney Robertson | January 3, 2019

Because Matt works long hours frequently (65+), sometimes we call him on his headset while he works. Asher’s favorite part: hanging up. He loves to press the red button. Only after we hangup does he ever start chattering. Silly kid.

Christmas 2018

By Courtney Robertson | December 25, 2018

Christmas morning was fun, but highly stimulating. When the boys were ready to get up, we had a light breakfast and started in to gifts. Asher started with opening a horse stable play house. He wantted to just dive in an explore this new toy to its fullest, and found it hard to put it…

Age of Delivery

By Courtney Robertson | December 22, 2018

Shiloh is the age now that Asher was when Shiloh was born. It’s weird to think about, and while I love my boys… I’m so glad to be done being pregnant and recovering from pregnancy.

Shiloh is Talking

By Courtney Robertson | December 19, 2018

Preschool at Home

By Courtney Robertson | December 18, 2018

With a 2.5 and a 1.25 year old boy, it’s fun to spend all of their waking day playing. It’s the start of winter. With less sunlight and more cold than I like, we’re inside quite a bit. I still take them out for recess as much as possible, but with ample time inside, we…

Shiloh is Walking

By Courtney Robertson | December 14, 2018

Guitar Time with G-Ja

By Courtney Robertson | December 13, 2018