Snoozy Asher

Growth Spurt

By Courtney Robertson | November 2, 2016

Asher is growing quickly. I’m almost convinced he is in a permanent growth spurt. His colic and generally fussy behavior hasn’t relented yet. Way too much screaming yet, especially after baths. But he is close to 10lbs now. His neck strength is almost ready for little support. He is so close to rolling over, expecially…

Deep Thoughts

By Courtney Robertson | October 23, 2016


By Courtney Robertson | October 19, 2016

Tonight the sun set on our 21 year old cat, Spook. She has raised my husband since he was 8 and cuddled our son. Spook now gets to chase all the birds and eat unlimited tuna noodle casserole. Good Bye for the last time. I miss you.

Asher where we took our vows

Cowan’s Gap

By Courtney Robertson | October 16, 2016
Asher was styling while we prepped the garden for winter.

Garden Bug

By Courtney Robertson | October 15, 2016
Asher is ready for the start of hockey season. Let's go Rangers!

Asher cheers for New York Rangers

By Courtney Robertson | October 13, 2016
Sunny Smiles

Sunny Smiles

By Courtney Robertson | October 12, 2016
Asher Robertson's first smile

Asher’s First Smile

By Courtney Robertson | October 10, 2016

Early Intervention

By Courtney Robertson | October 4, 2016

Asher was examined by Early Intervention today. We knew he was a bit behind in some areas developmentally and have plans for occupational and physical therapy to start shortly. Goals include: *not crying hysterically during diaper changes, baths, car rides, and on the way to bed *tolerating independent tummy time (he constantly wants to he…

Discharged from PostPartum

By Courtney Robertson | September 29, 2016

Today’s news: I am finally done with my postpartum exams. My blood pressure was ruled as pregnancy induced only due to edema (water retention) and I’m almost done weaning off the meds! Last hurdle for me is to finish the rehab on my back. That could take a while yet to get everything lined up…