My Funny Valentine’s

By Courtney Robertson | February 14, 2017
Asher is 7 months old

Asher is 7 months old

By Courtney Robertson | February 13, 2017

Asher is now 7mo! He is 17.5lbs, 27″, and growing! In the past month, we’ve gotten him treated for a rough case of acid reflux. I hear it can take a few weeks for the awful feelings he’s had to fade. Until then, lots of spit up still and reluctance for anything laying down or…

Asher sticks his tongue out when he focuses

Duck Lips

By Courtney Robertson | February 9, 2017

Second Tooth

By Courtney Robertson | February 7, 2017

Asher’s second tooth has appeared, explaining the general behavior for the past week. It’s the lower front right central incisor. 😭

What do you mean “He’s asleep”?

By Courtney Robertson | January 21, 2017

First Tooth

By Courtney Robertson | January 20, 2017

Matt found Asher’s first tooth today.  Lower left central incisor.  Overall, Asher seems happier than he’s been in a month!

New Instant Pot 

By Courtney Robertson | January 19, 2017

Asher 6mo 

By Courtney Robertson | January 17, 2017

Today he got an xray of his hips. He sat in breech in-utero. Today was the all clear to stop monitoring that.  He prefers learning how to walk over rolling over. His therapists aren’t amused with this.  Asher has grown 7″ and quadrupled his weight since birth. He now makes the growth charts for babies…

0-6 Months

By Courtney Robertson | January 12, 2017

Hard to believe how far Asher has come in 6 months! He’s almost 16lbs (vs 4lb) He’s working on several teeth at once. His goals now are: *Choose to roll from back to belly *Sit up unassisted either in a chair with support or on the floor. *Get a consistent nap routine in the day…

Chilling with Daddy

Chilling with Daddy

By Courtney Robertson | January 10, 2017