Back Seized

By Courtney Robertson | August 18, 2016

So thankful for the meals delivered and the crew of guys that came over last night to help Matt with yard work. Really it has meant so much to us. In just a few hours they got us mostly caught up. My back seized up yesterday while I was changing Asher. It was meant to…

Back for Help

By Courtney Robertson | August 17, 2016

I woke up excited about my first day (again) home alone with Asher. I thought surely I can resume working on my laptop around his feedings. But then I went to change a diaper and ended up in tears. So much sitting in a way to help my incision has left my back super seized.…

Pain and Packing

By Courtney Robertson | August 16, 2016

Wound care appointment today went better. The physical therapist did a few things to make changing the packing much more comfortable. Also, she said I had too much packing in last time which was causing irritation and making me uncomfortable. This time it’s already feeling easier to walk around and sit up. Still slow going…

Worth It All

By Courtney Robertson | August 15, 2016

Staring into his eyes reminds me that 3 miscarriages, a uterine septum resection surgery, a c section, an early delivery and a long stay in NICU, and now the seemingly unending wound vac phase have all be

Gauze and Guts

By Courtney Robertson | August 11, 2016

4 days of the wound vac. It’s a machine the size of my purse hooked up via tubing to suck the swelling away. I must carry this with me all the time. 3x a week they change the foam packing inside the pocket. That is hugely painful despite my high dose of pain meds. This…

Waiting for Insurance News

By Courtney Robertson | August 11, 2016

Well the insurance company hasn’t responded about the wound vac yet. So I’ve got no explanation about what we will do if they deny it. Until then, my incision is open with gauze INSIDE the pocket packed in. I can’t get around well and just brushing my hair wore me out. Resting. Unable to do…

Blowing Kisses

By Courtney Robertson | August 10, 2016

Is he blowing kisses? He is very content and eating a lot. I am still waiting to hear from insurance if they will approve my wound vac tomorrow. If they decline I have no clue what they will do with me. Meanwhile I have gauze packed in to the 1/2 open incision. This is due…

Not What I Expected

By Courtney Robertson | August 9, 2016

Today’s wound care appointment didn’t go how I expected. In order to heal, the doc had to open my incision about 1/3 of the way and let it open with packing. I have swelling fluid that won’t release. The swelling is what caused my high blood pressure really throughout pregnancy and most of it has…


By Courtney Robertson | August 8, 2016

So much happiness here. Asher is demanding more food more often. I can see him filling out on his arms and cheeks. While we both are finally recovering well, it is important that we stay on track. For preemies, every ounce gained is a major victory. And my wound is finally slowing down and clotting.…

How My Days Go Lately

By Courtney Robertson | August 7, 2016