Must Touch the Mobile

By Courtney Robertson | May 8, 2017

This explains why I’ve heard his mobile music at 3:30am. Party time in Asher’s crib. Glad he can’t reach the actual spinning parts!

16.5 Weeks Pregnant

By Courtney Robertson | May 3, 2017

Doctor appointment today showed again that all is well at 16.5w. My blood pressure so far is in a good range. (With Asher, it started creeping up after 20w). Baby’s heartbeat is 156. We discussed the lengthy concerns I have on avoiding a wound vac again, or at the very least expediting that whole process.…


By Courtney Robertson | May 2, 2017

My day is complete by 7:30am! I sat down with Asher’s xylophone to play Mary Had a Little Lamb and received a huge round of applause from the tot. To be fair, it was the first time he ever intentionally clapped about anything… but I’ll take it!

Rocking on all 4

By Courtney Robertson | April 28, 2017

Rocking skills. Getting ready to crawl A post shared by Courtney Engle Robertson (@courtneyengle) on Apr 28, 2017 at 2:00pm PDT

Checking out the Ducks and Waterwheel

By Courtney Robertson | April 23, 2017


By Courtney Robertson | April 20, 2017

Crabby shopping for plants. Teething x2 and recovering from his first cold & borderline ear infection. Quick trip

Asher is a Big Brother

By Courtney Robertson | April 16, 2017

Asher is 9 months old

By Courtney Robertson | April 13, 2017

Asher is 9mo old today! *He is almost 21lbs and 29″ *He rolls over a lot *He is closer to crawling. I’d guess in a week or two *He can sit unassisted for 5min but still needs to learn to to safely transition tot he floor *He says “dddzzzzz” *He has 3 teeth (top middle…

Laugh Cry Lunch

By Courtney Robertson | April 7, 2017

Laughing and crying combined at lunch today. It’s confusing.

Snow Day

By Courtney Robertson | March 14, 2017