Cape May NJ

Adventures Begin

By Courtney Robertson | June 19, 2012

Though Matt has lived in many different places throughout his lifetime, there were a lot of things he hadn’t done. Just after Labor Day in 2010, we packed up for a few days at the beach.  I’ve grown up spending a week in southern New Jersey nearly every summer, so we headed there. The funny…

High Rock

How We Met

By Courtney Robertson | June 19, 2012

During the middle of winter 3 years ago we met at a mutual friend’s house.  Our mutual friends had an obsession of sorts with Rock Band.  Matt arrived later in the evening, and initially didn’t introduce himself.  After crossing paths a few times, he grew more silly and soon offered his phone number. See our…

In the Shade

By Courtney Robertson | August 5, 2011

Time to Take Down the Mobile

By Courtney Robertson | August 2, 2011