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Try, try, try, try again – Baby Robertson IV

Baby Robertson IV

Just 2 days before Christmas, we received the best Christmas present we possibly could.  We learned that we are pregnant for the fourth time! Yet, there still lingers the concern and occasional fear that this baby will miscarry, just like each of our other babies.  It’s tough stuff… continuing to try despite so many losses.…

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A Sigh of Relief

Baby Robertson 9w4d

Sharing the big news about Baby Robertson’s anticipated arrival was a huge leap of faith.  Having endured 2 miscarriages where the babies stopped growing at 6.5 weeks, announcing a healthy dot at 7w1d was no small thing.  In my head, thoughts lingered that both babies actually grew beyond 6.5w and began to shrink.  What if…

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Baby Robertson

January 9 2015 Pregnancy Test Postiive

1 + 1 = 3   We are thrilled to announce a 7 week old baby.  Yes, this is a very early announcement.  But it is significant because we have passed our two previous losses and believe we are now out of the troublesome time.  Here’s a recap on our baby journey. July 27 2013…

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