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Christmas Eve

Presents wrapped, Christmas eve supper prepped, Christmas brunch and supper prepped, dishes done, both boys napping – a rare treat for me to relax too.

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Wait Upon the Lord – O Come O Come Emmanuel

How long have you waited upon the Lord?  I mean both in the prayerful state, but also waiting on the Lord to make the connections needed or the provision desperately sought after.  How have you felt about that happening? There are seasons life where we need to prayerfully sit and ponder the matters of the…

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Christmas Tea Party

Christmas is a great time to spend gathering with friends.  I’m thankful for my friend Brinn who hosted an open-house Christmas tea party.  I enjoyed the time to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year, as well as ones that I see all the time but just haven’t spoken too…

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