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Babywearing for days

Babywearing for days like this. 2 teething babies. The older one was finger painting in his crib 💩 and the younger just spit up several ounces – like a bottle worth. 🤱🏽

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Neck Strength

Shiloh has so much neck strength and is nearly rolling over. He slept through the night 3 of the last 5 nights too. This 3 month old is almost too big for the infant carrier car seat too. 🤩

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Josh is it hot

Asher: Josh is it hot!!!! Translation – Asher pronounces Shiloh’s name in a way that sounds like “Josh”. Also, because I try to warn Asher not to touch the oven door, reach for the stove, or eat food before it has a chance to cool, he thinks all food is “HOT” and has named it…

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