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Shiloh had been pulling himself up to stand a lot in the past few days. He is almost ready to start cruising the couch. He just turned 9mo, and I suspect he will be walking in a month at this rate. Asher was almost 16mo when he started walking. It’s still so weird to have…

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What is Sleep?

Hello 9 month sleep regression. I didn’t meet you with Asher. But Shiloh has slept 6 hours in the past 24 and I’d be happy for this to pass quickly

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Shiloh is 9 Months Old

Shiloh is 9mo! He likes to crawl after Asher Has 4 teeth with more coming soon Just started pulling up to standing in the crib Still prefers only puréed food Enjoys splashing in the tub/pool Likes to party from 2-4am Still wants to be held on the way to sleep

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