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Archive for August 2016

Wound Vac Info

I’ve been asked a few times this week. It’s a vacuum applied to a wound area. The goal in my case is to drain away excess fluids and also to get the cells around the cavity to regrow. After my c section I had a new kind of wound vac (pico dressing) instead of stitches…

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What is a Wound Vac?

what is a wound vac

A wound vac pump is necessary and miserable. For the past 2 weeks I’ve had this machine and tubing hooked up to my abdomen pumping away the pregnancy swelling fluids. I don’t have an end date on it…just…when I’m done. It’s becoming unbearable. My skin is really raw under all the tape. This morning I…

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After Another Day

And after another day of friends helping, the yard is caught up and the ripe tomatoes are now sauce. I’m pushing myself today. I’ve been on bed rest for over a month. My back seizing is because I must be careful about a wound vac and all its bandaging. But letting my muscles atrophy and…

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Back Seized

So thankful for the meals delivered and the crew of guys that came over last night to help Matt with yard work. Really it has meant so much to us. In just a few hours they got us mostly caught up. My back seized up yesterday while I was changing Asher. It was meant to…

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Back for Help

I woke up excited about my first day (again) home alone with Asher. I thought surely I can resume working on my laptop around his feedings. But then I went to change a diaper and ended up in tears. So much sitting in a way to help my incision has left my back super seized.…

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Pain and Packing

Wound care appointment today went better. The physical therapist did a few things to make changing the packing much more comfortable. Also, she said I had too much packing in last time which was causing irritation and making me uncomfortable. This time it’s already feeling easier to walk around and sit up. Still slow going…

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Worth It All

Staring into his eyes reminds me that 3 miscarriages, a uterine septum resection surgery, a c section, an early delivery and a long stay in NICU, and now the seemingly unending wound vac phase have all be

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