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Archive for November 2016


Asher reached another huge achievement tonight. He got through a bath and getting his clothes on without a single tear. That’s a huge improvement from typically screaming hysterically! He wasn’t very happy all day but the new trick is to sing the ABCs with his noise machine. He starts oooohing along. Progress!

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Asher loves artwork. He often stares at paintings in our home but today he was cooing over them. I bought them World Harvest Outreach did 6 weeks back to back renovating Fishers of Men Ministries International school in Port au Prince Haiti

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It’s 3:45 am and Asher ate just a few minutes ago. I’m thankful that he rarely needs to be consoled back to sleep. But here’s a look at how his nights go:

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Growth Spurt

Snoozy Asher

Asher is growing quickly. I’m almost convinced he is in a permanent growth spurt. His colic and generally fussy behavior hasn’t relented yet. Way too much screaming yet, especially after baths. But he is close to 10lbs now. His neck strength is almost ready for little support. He is so close to rolling over, expecially…

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