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Archive for May 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

This year for Mother’s Day, I got to hold one of my babies in my arms and another inside. I still ache for the 3 we lost. That doesn’t suddenly change. Today was my fourth mother’s day…and this isn’t easy. Mama’s that have been through #miscarriage: hugs. Most years I really just want some mostly…

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Asher is 10 Months Old

Asher is 10mo today! *20.5lbs, 29″ *Got 2 new teeth this month, up to 5 total *Rocks on all 4s and scootches backward *Babbles a lot more *Rolls everywhere *Enjoys mangos and tolerates raspberries. *Picks up and aims a spoon into his mouth independently *Picks up but does not aim for his face with finger…

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