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Archive for April 2018


Best sleep I’ve had in months! I was up just 2x last night for about 20min each and had 2 stretches of 4 hours of sleep. I’m on my way to feeling restored and rested…but we have few more nights like this before I can promise any sanity so soon.

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Hair Ouch

Just after recovering from post-partum hair loss, Shiloh learned how to grab and pull (my hair mostly) and hasn’t mastered opening up his grasp to let go. Ouch! Last time I had this, my solution was to get pregnant so none of my hair shed at all for another 10mo. I don’t foresee the same…

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Shiloh’s Full Night in the Crib

Shiloh slept in the crib all night. He went back to sleep nicely 3 out of 4 times. That last one required daddy cuddles to convince him it isn’t play time at 3-4am. Asher only woke slightly and went back to sleep well. Not out of the hard stuff yet but believing the rest will…

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To the Crib

I survived the first night of transitioning Shiloh to the nursery crib! He and Asher will be sharing the room. Every time I got Shiloh to sleep he either woke up quickly from kicking around or Asher would let out a squeal of joy at having company overnight. I catnapped around all that on an…

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