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Archive for November 2018

Go Shiloh

Go Shiloh! At 13.5mo, he did not cry when I put him down for the night. This is a first. It’s so much easier to close the nursery door with a happy baby.

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Snoozy Shiloh

I am making turkey soup and Shiloh demanded to be held. I seldom wear him while we are home these days, but this week he has been extra cuddly. I’ll take it. My baby is now entering toddlerhood and these days are passing by so quickly. Snoozy Shiloh started snoring at me.

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Cuddling Shiloh

Sure Shiloh, I’ll give you extra cuddles after bedtime tonight. You seem to be teething, and I have no idea how much longer you’ll want to rest your head on my shoulder or fall asleep sideways in my arms while I sway. Though, I do hope you sleep deeply and awaken without teething pains.

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