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Archive for January 2019

Water Beads

Use just a tablespoon of beads for a quart or more of water. Let them sit 4 hrs. Put a towel down to help catch them (they bounce more than a superball) I had just a 1/4 cup in a bowl for Shiloh and held it the whole time since he wants to be involved…

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First Haircut

First professional hair cut for both boys. It was quite a lot for Asher’s sensory processing. I’ve got a few strategies for next time. The after pics were taken this morning when everyone was much happier.

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Bible Story Before Nap

One of my favorite times of the day: moments before nap time. We use the Bible App for Kids and read and reread different stories. I’m pro-screentime with some time limits where I pick what is on the screen and interact with them while we do it together. Asher gets to pick the stories specifically but asks…

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6 New Teeth

Shiloh is working on molars and canines. He has a total of 6 teeth coming through and I suspect those top canines are going to also join in soon. 😬 At least it explains his mood changes in the past few weeks.

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