37th Annual Steam & Gas Show

Cumberland Valley Antique Engine & Machinery Association hosted this annual event. Our boys were delighted to walk around looking at all the antique tractors.

The pace of the event was fantastic. There was a lot to see, plenty of shade, and free rides. The boys loved snacking on kettle corn, too! Asher referred to the steam engine tractor as a train. It did look a lot like a train and took us on a wagon ride around the fairgrounds.

We’ve taken them to other larger events, like the Shippensburg Fair. We have found events like that to be so overstimulating that the boys are a bit more disagreeable and eager to just run around. But, our time at the tractor show was calm, happy, curious, and free from whining.

We ditched the double-stroller and opted to have Asher walk with a toddler-bracelet and Shiloh was in the Tula Free-To-Grow. Asher was happy to walk, and we were happy that he could only bolt away a short distance. Shiloh was content in the carrier most of the time. He got out for rides and snacks. We even left the diaper bag in the car. That’s a huge milestone for us.

This really is a great event for kids. There were lots of yummy fair foods, but not a lot of healthier meals. Come ready to indulge.


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Courtney Robertson

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