Visiting the real-life Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Family vacation week began with our first overnight trip since Shiloh was born. (Last trip was the beach before Asher could walk or talk). We picked a safe and comfortable option: spending the night with cousins. Asher vaguely remembered playing with Luke, so he was fairly excited about a sleepover there. The next morning, we…

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Stone Harbor Beach 2019

I’ve been coming to Stone Harbor, NJ almost every year since I was 10. It’s a quieter town that is great for families. We brought Asher two years ago before he could walk or talk. I was 9 months pregnant at the time. So glad that’s over. The boys slept a good portion on the…

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What I’m Reading: The Girl Behind the Red Rope

The Girl Behind the Red Rope book cover laying on table

by Ted & Rachelle Dekker Author Ted Dekker has captured my attention and drawn me in again. I’ve loved several of his series of books (Circle, Mystic), but haven’t read many stand-alone books yet. In The Girl Behind the Red Rope, a very different reality exists than what we see in the Circle series. We…

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