Christmas Movies

By Courtney Robertson | December 8, 2019

Tiny World 2019

By Courtney Robertson | December 7, 2019

We made a brief breeze through Tiny World tonight. The boys all had fun exploring things. It was a struggle for Asher to not race through it all and to help him stop whining/screaming about staying on the path and keeping hands off some displays. Still, we went. I want to still try, even anticipating…

Train Station

By Courtney Robertson | December 6, 2019

We went to see model trains and read train stories. Asher remembered doing this last year, down to the cookies and where to go for story time. We haven’t been here since last Christmas. His 3 year old memory is amazing. @ Greencastle Highline Train Station

Christmas Tree Shopping

By Courtney Robertson | November 30, 2019

🌲 Christmas tree squired. You’d never know they have an ear infection and respiratory issues, until nap time that is. 🌲 

Decorating the Christmas Tree

By Courtney Robertson | November 29, 2019

🎄Asher helped decorate the last part of the Christmas tree yesterday and then got busy playing with my @veggietalesofficial nativity. 🎄

Thanksgiving 2019

By Courtney Robertson | November 28, 2019

Global exploration 🌏

By Courtney Robertson | November 18, 2019

Sunset: Breathe

By Courtney Robertson | November 13, 2019

It’s been a long day. I needed to stop and smell the wood fire burning, the autumn leaves decaying, my mug of maple tea, and a breath of fresh crisp air. Today was hard, long, and far from over. It’ll be a late night too. But for a moment – just breathe.

7 String Electric Violin

By Courtney Robertson | November 11, 2019

🎻When I’m not working on websites or chasing children, this is the thing that has my attention. I’m growing to love practicing. 6 months later and I’m just beginning to sound like an amateur. I usually can play one string at a time, but that F & C transition trips me up. I’m diving deep…


By Courtney Robertson | November 11, 2019