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Mystery stuff

By Courtney Robertson | January 27, 2013

Every time I visit my parents house I am gifted with some random object. This past time I received the pictured item. Can you guess what it is?

Keep going

By Courtney Robertson | January 22, 2013

Even on the cold dark days, I am dragging myself out of bed to go swim laps at 5:30am. It’s not particularly something I am eager to do at that hour but I am loving the feeling afterwards. I want to keep this habit going for a long time.

Winter to spring

By Courtney Robertson | January 21, 2013

It’s important to remember that spring will come in its due season. I long for the warm sunshine and late night walks but for now I will indulge myself in the extra sleep I crave in the cold months.

New York Rangers via GameCenter

By Courtney Robertson | January 20, 2013

Loving watching New York Rangers on Xbox via NHL Gamecenter. Now if the guys could get their game together.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Courtney Robertson | December 24, 2012

How do you prepare for Christmas?  I’ve spent a few days in eager anticipation of this mystical holiday.  I love Christmas. It’s a wonderful holiday thought it has little biblical foundation for the season.  I love preparing, putting thought into gifts for others, and gathering with friends and family.  The days between Christmas and New…

Cocoon to butterfly

By Courtney Robertson | December 21, 2012

I’m beginning to think that our family is in its cocoon state of life. We were the caterpillar for a little while. Striving through thick and thin to just stay alive. So now we are sheltered and getting our selves ready for the next step of life. To be a butterfly is to be free.…

Wait Upon the Lord – O Come O Come Emmanuel

By Courtney Robertson | December 16, 2012

How long have you waited upon the Lord?  I mean both in the prayerful state, but also waiting on the Lord to make the connections needed or the provision desperately sought after.  How have you felt about that happening? There are seasons life where we need to prayerfully sit and ponder the matters of the…

Christmas Shopping

By Courtney Robertson | December 15, 2012

Going Christmas shopping today and hoping to find some good deals. Next stop Gabriel Bros

Christmas Tea Party

By Courtney Robertson | December 9, 2012

Christmas is a great time to spend gathering with friends.  I’m thankful for my friend Brinn who hosted an open-house Christmas tea party.  I enjoyed the time to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year, as well as ones that I see all the time but just haven’t spoken too…

Time for an update…

By Courtney Robertson | December 9, 2012

It’s been a few months since we settled into normal life, and it’s time for an update.  I’ve gotten the site up to where I’d like it to be visually, and functionally.  I’m using this as a fairly plain self-hosted WordPress site so that I can test it for business, but I also am testing…