Creeping BP

By Courtney Robertson | June 10, 2016

Watching my blood pressure slowly creeping up since having the magnesium IV removed. We need bp to hold at a lower number than where we are if we hope to keep little man inside beyond Wednesday. Tomorrow will be a decision day.

Baby Robertson IV

Try, try, try, try again – Baby Robertson IV

By Courtney Robertson | February 9, 2016

Just 2 days before Christmas, we received the best Christmas present we possibly could.  We learned that we are pregnant for the fourth time! Yet, there still lingers the concern and occasional fear that this baby will miscarry, just like each of our other babies.  It’s tough stuff… continuing to try despite so many losses.…

matt rhyne mars hill

Matt Rhyne’s Legacy

By Courtney Robertson | October 27, 2015

Watching the vids Travis Kessler posted while weeping… in this spot  (click link to jump to specific time), Levi Landis was shared our goodbyes to Matt. Then Matt shared his goodbyes with us before moving to Lake Placid. I missed this night in person. I was away at college by then in the days before…

Come In

By Courtney Robertson | October 8, 2015

Lift your head weary sinner, the river’s just ahead Down the path of forgiveness, salvation’s waiting there You built a mighty fortress 10,000 burdens high Love is here to lift you up, here to lift you high If you’re lost and wandering Come stumbling in like a prodigal child See the walls start crumbling Let…

Harvesting Abundance from Tomato Pulp

By Courtney Robertson | October 6, 2015

Tomatoes.  What do you do when tomatoes grow more abundantly than weeds?  Well, you make tomato paste of course. I’ve already canned all the salsa and marinara that I’ll need for the next year, as well as diced tomatoes.  I have enough for the many meals that I anticipate making to share with friends as…

how to help, comparisons, and miscarriage

How to Help, Comparisons, and Miscarriages

By Courtney Robertson | July 18, 2015

Yesterday I spent the day welcoming a new baby into life.  His older sister was born just 5 days before our first baby, Ezekiel, would have been born.  This little fella was born just a few months before our third, Charis Ruth, would’ve arrive.  And in-between that, we lost Johoahaz (Joe).  Three losses in 2…

Bring Your Everything

By Courtney Robertson | April 21, 2015

Just 2.5 weeks before WHO Koinonia Spring 2015 began, we lost our third consecutive baby. Still in our grieving phase, it was time to begin preparing for the Koinonia event. I knew because of the state we were in how very important preparation would be. Preparing My Marriage Going into a long weekend takes some…

Baby Robertson 9w4d

A Sigh of Relief

By Courtney Robertson | February 24, 2015

Sharing the big news about Baby Robertson’s anticipated arrival was a huge leap of faith.  Having endured 2 miscarriages where the babies stopped growing at 6.5 weeks, announcing a healthy dot at 7w1d was no small thing.  In my head, thoughts lingered that both babies actually grew beyond 6.5w and began to shrink.  What if…

January 9 2015 Pregnancy Test Postiive

Baby Robertson

By Courtney Robertson | February 4, 2015

1 + 1 = 3   We are thrilled to announce a 7 week old baby.  Yes, this is a very early announcement.  But it is significant because we have passed our two previous losses and believe we are now out of the troublesome time.  Here’s a recap on our baby journey. July 27 2013…

Spiced Pumpkin-Craisin Cookies

By Courtney Robertson | January 8, 2015

Original recipe from Giada De Laurentiis  1 cup all-purpose flour (I use spelt or sprouted grain) ⅔ cup old-fashioned oats 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon fine salt ¼ teaspoon ground allspice (sometime a dash of ginger, cloves, and nutmeg too) ¾ cup raw sugar, plus additional for sprinkling (I use…