After Another Day

And after another day of friends helping, the yard is caught up and the ripe tomatoes are now sauce.

I’m pushing myself today. I’ve been on bed rest for over a month. My back seizing is because I must be careful about a wound vac and all its bandaging. But letting my muscles atrophy and become unable to handle lifting Asher is awful. After 2 days of chiropractor appointments, once again I can stand up!

So this morning I stood and walked around a lot. Thankful for help getting sauce canned. I didn’t lift much but was able to stand for a little bit to chop herbs.

I’ve been off pain meds for 6 hours now for the first time since last Wednesday.

We are 6 weeks past my initial hospital check in. Make no mistake, this isn’t just normal pregnancy recovery. Continued prayers appreciated. We’ve gotta be done with setbacks and healing must come soon.


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