House Warming

We’re thrilled to announce our new address!

1775 Crottlestown Road
Chambersburg, PA 17202

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Robertson's Home




House Warming

We’d also like to invite you to our house-warming cookout. June 29 from 10am – 10pm, please stop in for a visit. Bring a lawn chair and a side dish.

As many of you know, we’re starting out with not a lot of useful things to set up a home.  Here’s a list of things we don’t have but likely will need for the house.

If you see great deals on any of these things, or feel inclined to bless us, see the list of stuff below. The riding mower is the top priority, followed by upgrading the electric. Other specific items are on the registries.

Items crossed out are gifted or purchased.


Lawn stuff:
  • Riding mower (bagger, snow plow) – Top priority over all other items
  • Push mower
  • weed whacker (needs slight repair)
  • shovel, garden rake, leaf rake, hoe, etc.
  • snow shovel
  • 100′ & 50’+ garden hose, nosel, hose holder, sprinkler
  • smaller garden tool set
  • hedge clippers and/or powered trimmer
  • outdoor clothes line (line, post, etc)
  • wheelbarrow (need new tire)
Other odds & ends
  • Gift cards to Lowes & Ikea (only available by phone or in store. 1-800-434-4532)
  • household tools, including power screwdriver & drill etc.
  • ladder
  • front, back, side door welcome mats
  • dehumidifier for basement


  • kitchen chairs – minimum 4, preferred 8.
  • Kitchen table – with leaves up to 8. (potentially have a vintage table)
  • kitchen shelf liners
  • swiffer wet jet (bottle on the handle)
  • kitchen garbage can with lid
  • small microwave (used mostly for reheating coffee and leftovers)

Living Room:

  • living room chair
  • ottoman coffee table/footrest
  • nicer end tables than what we have for living room
  • floor pillows for seating
  • lamps


  • master bedroom dresser set (vanity, bureau, headboard, nightstands)
  • king size bed summer down filled comforter (not synthetic)
  • queen size bed down mattress topper
  • guest bedroom double bed bedding & comforter
  • guest bedroom night stands
  • guest bedroom bed double/full size bedspread & sheets
  • closet organization systems
  • area rugs for living room and 2 bedrooms
  • lamps
  • small garbage cans


  • large bookshelf
  • wrap-around des
  • lamps
  • filing cabinet
  • office chair
  • small garbage can


  • hamper
  • ironing board
  • dishwasher and installation
  • living room tv (flat panel) and stand
  • shed (there is one there, it’s tiny and aged)
  • updated washer & dryer
  • round picnic table & benches
  • bluetooth portable speaker system (to move around the house depending where we are for listening to music via iPhones)
  • sound system for living room
  • Apple TV


What new house would be complete without some projects? Here are the projects we are considering for the house we’re working on acquiring, and some are more important than others.

  • upgrading the electric box which is at capacity now to 200v capacity
  • modifying the existing dryer to a plug vs the hardwire in to circuit box
  • fixing the electrical outlet that the sump pump goes to
  • converting several 2 prong outlets to 3 prong
  • add 6″ of blown insulation to the attic
  • a few outside electrical outlets need the safety switch option and protective covers
  • drylock paint the basement (need paint, wire brushes, dust masks)
  • master bedroom ceiling fan (need fan and installation)
  • Till in the garden where it used to be, add manure, sawdust, woodchips (need: tomato cages, stakes & twine, etc. Possibly raised bed and fenced around
  • Eventually install patio
  • paint back porch
  • Clean inside furnace
  • wiring from living room cable modem to office