Growth Spurt

Asher is growing quickly. I’m almost convinced he is in a permanent growth spurt. His colic and generally fussy behavior hasn’t relented yet. Way too much screaming yet, especially after baths.

But he is close to 10lbs now.

His neck strength is almost ready for little support.

He is so close to rolling over, expecially in bed. Goodbye swaddling and hello baby pinball machine.

He giggles in his sleep. I wonder what he is dreaming about? Hope he does that awake soon.

He is tolerating about 30 seconds of tummy time at a stretch.

Asher isn’t reaching for things yet but will grab and knead things placed in his hands.

Since July 13 he has given us 2 nights of sleep longer than 4 hours, and I hope more of that will happen soon!

We are working on his daytime nap routine and location. Often in the day he will only take long naps when in a carrying device.

I am back to work part time, and hope to increase my hours again when Asher can be self-amused longer while awake. I am down to one appointment per month for chiropractic care, 1 appointment weekly for his therapists (PT & OT). Occasionally we have a few other appointments (peds. etc) but much less time in doctors. Yay!

Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt


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