32.5 update

Wellspan Maternal Fetal Meds discharged me. Baby boy is head down, weighs 2oz more now than Asher did when he came out at 34w. They cancelled my 2x weekly no-stress tests and weekly ultrasound exams. Now I am down to just routine doctor appointments – which is so weird. I was at 3 appointments a week at this stage with Asher, and for now it’s just every other week with my regular doctors. Bizarre… freeing, and relaxing!

I also have my freezers full of food for after baby arrives. Last few nesting to-do’s: detail the kitchen, especially the cupboards. Then we organize the bathroom closet & porch. I plan to use any remaining freezer space for some local fresh cut corn and can my own tomato paste for weekly pizza nights. Then – it’s time to officially relax. Family beach trip, and then returning to pack my hospital bag and the car seat.

There’s some serious garden weeding to be done too… and we are happy to have help with any of the chores. So ready this time around… and so much less mental stress in general. 😁


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