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Archive for July 2017

Asher’s First Birthday

1 year old! Not a chance of getting him to pose like the other monthly pics. 🤣 Asher continues to grow. He is in the 99th percentile on height, beating all expectations for a 34w preemie. He says lots of things, but no syllables yet. While not a huge deal, in order for early intervention…

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Baby nesting update: the car has been cleaned inside & out, the strollers have been scrubbed, and the infant carrier is getting installed. I’m furniture shopping for a dresser to move Asher’s clothes into so I can unpack newborn clothes soon. I’m starting to plan my freezer meal stash. Last year at this time we…

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NICU Reunion

Asher had a pediatric neurology follow up today. He is successfully discharged from their care to continue with regular pediatrician and early intervention services. His weight and head circumference are in the 50th percentile while his height is in the 99%! My little preemie is not so small anymore. Afterward, we had a good visit.…

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