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Gauze and Guts

4 days of the wound vac. It’s a machine the size of my purse hooked up via tubing to suck the swelling away. I must carry this with me all the time.

3x a week they change the foam packing inside the pocket. That is hugely painful despite my high dose of pain meds. This is expected to last 2-6 weeks until the pocket basically has shrunk away.

Then they switch to gauze packing for a while and finally an external dressing.

I have in home nurses that change the bandaging 2x a week and once a week is at a doc appt.

Really could use prayers for healing. I want to be able to care for Asher and be able to do basic life stuff to care for me. Being an invalid for a month so far has not been fun for any of us.

On the plus side, I have no choice but to rest. Today I managed to shave my legs and take a long nap. Matt even got a little rest in as well.

Waiting for Insurance News

Well the insurance company hasn’t responded about the wound vac yet. So I’ve got no explanation about what we will do if they deny it.

Until then, my incision is open with gauze INSIDE the pocket packed in. I can’t get around well and just brushing my hair wore me out.

Resting. Unable to do much else. This is frustrating and emotionally hard as picking Asher up puts me in considerable pain.


Finally great news to share!

#1 Asher weighed in at 5lb 4oz today. That’s 18oz above the lightest weight after his jaundice treatment. He is filling out nicely and I expect by his due date that he will weigh a normal amount for newborns. His doctor says in all other ways he is doing what is normal for his age to do as far as feedings, sleep, etc.

#2 I got the wound vac approved and put on! It’ll still be at least 2 weeks of toting around this little computer pump that is the size of my purse sucking away the swelling. But – it should alleviate some of the pain in a few days. The painful part is the weird sterilized foam inside the pocket. Here’s hoping I can pick Asher up soon for feeding and diapers and also hold a laptop so I can get back to work.

I can’t shower with the vac, so everyone can be glad that I’ll be housebound for those weeks yet! I did successfully manage to wash my hair in the kitchen sink today. It’s a small win that’s helps me feel a bit better.

Painful but very successful day with the relief of food delivery coming our way soon.

Blowing Kisses

Is he blowing kisses? He is very content and eating a lot.

I am still waiting to hear from insurance if they will approve my wound vac tomorrow. If they decline I have no clue what they will do with me.

Meanwhile I have gauze packed in to the 1/2 open incision. This is due to a pocket of swelling/fluid that won’t give up.

Uncomfortable is an understatement. I can hardly hold Asher for feedings.

Praying for fast healing.

Asher Robertson blowing kisses

Not What I Expected

Today’s wound care appointment didn’t go how I expected. In order to heal, the doc had to open my incision about 1/3 of the way and let it open with packing. I have swelling fluid that won’t release.

The swelling is what caused my high blood pressure really throughout pregnancy and most of it has left my body but not in this area.

Also, since I wouldn’t stop bleeding they had to cauterize again. This time I wasn’t numb from the armpits down, but just locally. I felt a jolt and had to ask for more numbing meds.

Waiting now on insurance to approve a new wound vac to be applied on Thursday hopefully.

Thankful for family on hand to help care for Asher and me through this, and for strong pain meds.

Healing come quickly.


So much happiness here. Asher is demanding more food more often. I can see him filling out on his arms and cheeks.

While we both are finally recovering well, it is important that we stay on track. For preemies, every ounce gained is a major victory.

And my wound is finally slowing down and clotting. Just in time to see the wound care specialist tomorrow morning. Still… I’ll take it as a win.

Back to Birth Weight

Yesterday’s weigh in has Asher just shy of his birth weight and 3 weeks old. 2 ounces to go! He is doing well in all other areas. We’ve graduated from setting an alarm for feedings to letting him tell me he’s hungry. This is a huge relief.

I am finally resuming work (from home – writing tech documents). I can think clearly again. Still healing – slowly.

Peace - Asher

Going for Wound Care

Asher is doing well mostly. He’s been out of sorts for a few feedings, not getting to sleep between them. That makes him (and us) super drowsy at the next feeding.

My doctor is referring me on to a wound care specialist as my incision is still weepy 3 weeks since delivery. Sadly, the specialist can’t even see me for a week. On the good side, the quantity is slowing down a little so long as I take it easy and is not at all infected.

Given my health situation, it’s a lot to juggle with getting back to work and having Matt back to work. I find if I walk too much, even around our house, my wound gets messy.

So thankful for the friends jumping in to help me get to appointments and make meals. I want to take on all the mundane life tasks but find myself in pain afterward still.

Improving – slowly.

Spook helps
Spook helps

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