How We Met

During the middle of winter 3 years ago we met at a mutual friend’s house.  Our mutual friends had an obsession of sorts with Rock Band.  Matt arrived later in the evening, and initially didn’t introduce himself.  After crossing paths a few times, he grew more silly and soon offered his phone number. See our crazy friends in action:

High RockIn order to get to know him better, I asked him to take us to High Rock for a chance to talk about life.  We spend a few hours pondering all sorts of things and played a game fo 20 questions.  Mostly, we figured out that we’d never make a good couple and headed home.  On the way down the mountain, Matt’s breaks started to act unusual so we detoured to Sheetz afterward and lingered over some snacks.

Later that night, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  While I rode with a friend to and from the restaurant, Matt had an odd look on his face.  He seemed to follow me out the door as we left to head home again.  I still was a bit clueless at this point, but began to get some idea that though we had a long list of differences, there might be hope for us yet.

Just a few weeks later, Matt and I went hiking at tumbling run.
It was very awkward. In his mind, I was being stubbornly independent because I wouldn’t let him help me more.  In my mind, I would ask for help when I actually needed it, but was unsure how to let the man that had never gone hiking lead me up the mountain I’d hiked countless times before.  It was an adventure, and once we’d reached the summit we both relaxed more.  However, we had to make a quick get-away due to the rain moving in.

It wasn’t long until we were spending considerably more time going to the movies or hanging out, but it took a few weeks for us to see that we were becoming fast friends.



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