The Day Has Come

It’s the dream of little girls to be the bride.  I’ve never been much of a girly girl, so the extent of my thoughts involved finding a man to spend my life with, and wearing a simple flowy gown.  I wanted to also spend the week being very girly by getting my hair, nails, and makeup done, plus a spa day.

Fast forward a few decades and I can say – I’ve found the perfect man to spend the rest of my years with, or has he found me?  He has seen me through every circumstance and encouraged me each step of the way.  When others would judge, he would love and defend me.  Matthew is my best friend, my confidant, and the only one that I would want to remain at my side throughout the rest of this life.

As for the pampering, I really didn’t expect a way to accomplish all that on the budget I was working with.  Yet – God once again made a way to not only have the wedding celebration, but make every wish come true.  I’ve been blessed with people stepping up to each challenge, from cupcakes to bustling the dress, flowers, and much more.  Friends and family have risen to the occasion in huge ways.  Additional unplanned income made a way for all the girly pampering too.

Along the way of wedding planning I had quite a few challenges.

  1. When I don’t ask for help, and others don’t know that I need it, speak up and change the situation.
  2. If a friend has offended me, rather them letting them slip out of life, just address the matter in confidence and let time reveal where the friendship goes.
  3. Reach out to friends near and far for help and to stay in touch.
  4. Accomodate the groom’s need along the way and remember his personality type
  5. Remain flexible in every situation

All the planning is done, and my true self has been made clear.  I am overjoyed to step into this next chapter together with my best friend.